9th International Conference on Computer Communication – Call for Papers

Tel Aviv, Israel, October 30-November 3, 1988

OCR (הסבר)
CCC 88 9th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER COMMUNICATION TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, OCTOBER 30- NOVEMBER 3,1988 ‘JNU! CONFERENCE GOVERNOR S. Winkler, USA CONFERENCE CHAIRMAN J. Kella, Israel EXECUTIVE TRACK CHAIRMAN |. Dorros, USA ORGANIZING COMMITTEE J. Kella, Chairman, Israel S.S. Abarbanel, Tel Aviv University Y. Alster, Bezeq Z. Amid, Bezeq Y. Choueka, Bar llan University A. Fait, Tadiran B.A. Gov, Ministry of Communications M.Z. Hanani, Dead Sea Bromine Company Ltd A. Livne, Ministry of Communications G. Meltzer, Koor Industries B. Peled, Elscint Ltd J. Raviv, IBM Israel D. Rosenne, Bezeq A. Segall, Technion Z. Shalev, Elisra, Electronic Systems Ltd A. Shore, M.L.L. M. Werner, RAFAEL PROGRAM COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN J. Raviv, IBM Israel NATIONAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE A. Livne, Ministry of Communications, Chairman N. Brutzkus, Koor Communication & Security 1. Chlamtac, Technion J. Kella, Israel J. Raviv, IBM Israel R. Rom, Technion A. Segall, Technion M. Werner, RAFAEL INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE M. Akiyama, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan G. V. Bochmann, Univ. of Montreal, Canada R. Boorstyn, Polytechnic Univ. of N.Y., USA V. Cerf, NCRI, USA K. Chon, KAIST, Korea L. Fratta, Politecnico di Milano, Italy L. S. Golding, M/A-COM Telecommunication Inc, USA J, Jaffe, IBM Research, USA P. Kirstein, Univ. College London, UK H. Kobayashi, Princeton Univ., USA P. J. Kuehn, Univ. of Stuttgart, FRG J. O. Limb, H.P. Labs. Bristol, UK G. Mueller, IBM European Networking Ctr, FRG N. Naffah, BULL TRANSAC, France D. B. Newman, George Washington Univ, USA S. Ramani, NCST. India H. Rudin, IBM Research, Switzerland N. Shacham, SRI, USA J. A. Silvester, Univ. of Southern CA, USA R. A. Weingarten, IBM Japan, Japan Y. Yemini, Columbia Univ., USA INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD S.J. Chung, ETRI, Korea N.R. Crane, Telecom Australia, Australia AAS. Danthine, University of Liege. Belgium P. De Ferra, STET. Italy P.E. Green Jr., |BM Corporation, USA D.J. Horton, ComStream Corporation, USA M. Huet, TRANSPAC. France M. Kato, NTT, Japan P.T.F. Kelly, Kelly Associates, UK W.J. Noll, Bell Canada, Canada W. Staudinger, Deutsche Bundespost, FRG CO-SPONSORED BY L Israel Section ‘COMPUTER COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE 90's’ CALL FOR PAPERS Authors are invited to submit an original paper in English, to be considered for presentation at the ICCC ‘88 Papers. on any topic listed below, or on related subjects, are welcomed CONFERENCE TOPICS 1. Communication Aspects of: a. Expert Systems b. Office and Factory Automation c Work Station d Standards e Distributed Operating Systems f. Security and Privacy g Videotext h. Human Factors 1. Man-machine Interface 2. Data Transmission a Optical Data Transmission and Switching b. Satellite Data Communication c. Packet Radio d. Electronic Fund Transfer e. Data Communication in ISDN f. Protocol Conversion INSTRUCTIONS 3. Networking a Special Networks b. Loca! Area Networks c Integrated Networks d. Wide Area Networks e. Metropolitan Networks {. Personal Computer Networks g. Corporate Networks h. Network Experience i. Network Management and Operation j. Global Network Service k. Congestion Control | Packet Switching m. Protocol Specification and Verification 4. Open Systems Interconnections (OS!) a. Anaiysis and Specifications b Standards c Experience 5. Computer Communications Impacts on Society a. Regulatory Issues b. Legal Aspects c. Education Issues d Support for the Disabled e. New Areas of Application f. International Cooperation The draft must be typed double-spaced, on one side of the paper only and should not exceed 15 pages. including figures and references. A separate cover page should list: the topic name and number, the title of the paper, the name, address, affiliation, telephone and telex number of the author(s) and an abstract of about 20-30 lines. Six copies should be sent to Or J. Raviv Secretariat ICCC’88 P.0.Box 50006, Tel Aviv 61500, Israel TEL: (972-3) 654571, TELEX: 341171 KENS IL FAX: (972-3) 655 674 All papers will be reviewed by international experts in the relevant field. DATES Complete Draft Notification of Acceptance 3 Camera-ready Copy