DECchip 21040 PCI Ethernet Controller

Highest performance in the Industry

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DECchip 21040 PCI Ethernet Controller Highest performance in the Industry DECchip 21040. The DECchip 21040 is a high performance, single-chip Ethernet controller, optimized for PCL NICs and motherboards. Throughput and CPU utilization are the two important aspects of NIC performance, and the DECchip 21040 clocks in with the highest — throughput in the industry, with very low CPU utilization. Highest Throughput with Low CPU Utilization Hic: throughput means that your applications run more efficiently, with fewer network delays. The DECchip 21040’s streamlined architecture lets your data packets fly through the adapter. The DECchip 21040 achieves its high rate of throughput by using a sophisticated cut-through technique that allows parts of one packet to be in the host memory, in the controller, and on the Ethernet wire -- simultaneously. Traditional adapters, On the other hand, require that an entire packet be copied to the adapter before it can be forwarded to the Ethernet or to host memory. The DECchip 21040 speeds/data-to-and from the network with minimal CPU intervention because ofthe DECchip 21040’s powerful PCI bus master architecture. The DECchip 21040 harnesses the full speed of PCI, moving bursts of data-across-the- PGI bus at 16 times the speed of an ISA adapter. Low CPU utilization is more important than ever before because of today’s -multi-tasking—-operating—-systems,;. such as Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups, OS/2, Netware 4 and others. Low CPU utilization means that your computer is free'to run your applications, instead of wasting cycles processing network traffic. Sc . DEC chip 21040: Low CPU utilization is also an absolute necessity for servers handling several network segments. Traditional ISA and EISA Programmed I/O or shared memory Ethernet adapters “use up” a computer’s CPU power moving data to and from main memory. But now, with the DECchip 21040’s powerful PCI bus master architecture, your system can move network data to and from main memory without any CPU intervention. In fact, the CPU need not even know when data is being transferred to or from the Ethernet bus. Stacking up Against the Competition P.. the DECchip 21040 up against any other Ethernet controller and the DECchip 21040 wins every time -- hands down. Take a look at these test results: Running Perform3 on a DECpc433 XL server with Novell Netware 3.11 and high-performance clients -- an evaluation board with the DECchip 21040 challenged three well-known competitors: the PCnet-PCI and PCnet-ISA (evaluation boards) and the EtherLinkIII. Each board was tested on file sizes ranging from 512 to 4096 bytes, increasing in steps of 512 bytes. The graph shows that DECchip 21040 wins the throughput contest with margin to spare. DECchip 21040 shows top throughput, not only at its peak, but over the whole range of file sizes. While sustaining this throughput, DECchip 21040 uses very little CPU resources. CPU utilization, of course, depends on the amount of data a board handles. Even the runner-up among the other boards tested uses more CPU per kilobyte of data than the DECchip 21040. 1100 4— ts i Pa ane —- 100% ——e ——e — | —————ae —— |" ———— oi la _——— ee _——— ae -|" ——— ———" |: —————_ : — |¢ — 90% ee is ee —— ———_ : pe Ny 1050 | ——_— i: — i —— —— : | 80% ae =. —a 72, O SoS 4 e ay 1000 _ —— ———————— ee 7020) e E 60% = = et Yo us aK Oe So ae i Oy Yeh Ao ai ounce o= on a Saber, LS aN(o) ts =) —| 30% ay, MAS) eer Td) te | 20% aL O20 S00 3 a a DECchip 21040 PCnet-PCI PCnet-ISA ETHERLINK Ill DECchip 21040: No-Compromise Design for Superior Performance The DECchip 21040 has been designed for tomorrow as well as for today. It takes full advantage of PCI system capabilities, through its design features, including: Powerful PCI Bus Mastering Architecture The DECchip 21040 works as a bus master, controlling bursts of data to and from host memory without CPU intervention. Data is transferred at 132 Mbytes/second, 16 times the speed of ISA controllers and 4 times as fast as EISA controllers. Native 32-bit Design The DECchip 21040 was designed as a 32-bit controller from the start; its 32-bit design results in true 32-bit performance. On the other hand, most other Ethernet controllers are based on 16-bit designs and connected to a PCI (or other) 32-bit bus interface. They may claim to be 32-bit designs, but internally these other controllers have all the limitations of old-style 16-bit controllers. Full-duplex Mode In full-duplex mode, the DECchip 21040 transmits and receives simultaneously, providing twice the bandwidth of conventional Ethernet operation. For DECchip 21040, full-duplex operation is not an add-on feature -- it was designed in from the beginning for full-duplex operation that ensures maximum performance under the doubled workload. Innovative Arbitration Between Reception and Transmission DECchip 21040’s innovative arbitration scheme solves the traditional design transmissions or reception data transfers, by dynamically ources and PCI bus bandwidth between transmit and the possiblity of starvation and optimizes full-duplex problem of “starved” sharing internal chip res receive. This minimizes operation. transmit and receive Minimum Inter-Packet Gap The DECchip 21040’s transmit and receive engines work independently, so that transmission can be prepared during receplggge. As a result, the DECchip 21040 can transmit immediately after reception, waiting only for the minimum inter-packet gap (IPG) allowed by the- Ethernet specifications. In full-duplex operation, these powerful, independent-engines are a key factor in optimizing .. throughput in both directions simultaneously. sr? The I architechyre provides the leciding edge for Ethernet adaplers. DECchip 21040 aX ’ k comes though every time with the best performance of any Ethernet controller in the innttihed hy : og rads F i . j ‘ ' * { tH + Wikis Hh’ rid i) AS rN .* ty ao ee ee ae 4 . Pu Last A Fe ec a ras Oy, ; rif Pas os For More Information _To Jearn more about availability oh the 21040 contact your local Digital sales » repr¢sentative, or Digital's Semiconductor Information Line: * 1-800-332-2717 ‘ y 1-800-332-2515 (TTY) ’ Outside North America, call: +1-508-568-6868 8 While Digital believes the information included in this publication is correct as of the date of publication, it is subject to change without notice. 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