An open Window to the World of VAX/VMS Application

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Genius An Open Window to the World of VAX/VMS Application di fgliltlalt | a VAX/VMS Middleware s to User Oriented Solution Genius ~) THE application generator GNS-Plan-Project and Planing System Task/ Activity | Tasks Activity, Repos | TSK Cluns R Histogram | Analysis Analysts Tabics Resources Resources Calendar The Success Key for Your Project - Genius Project Planing System Genius Application Generator Main Manu Data Base data Entry Unhiues Menu oy & Re Mailboxes Cuhnes Menu Design Encode Dex n Security Help files Error Messages Documentaiton The Designer Friendly Generator Genius is a flexible Applications Generator especially designed for the community of VAX/VMS users. Implementing the concepts of relational database concepts, Genius enables you to build simple to complex VAX/VMS applications fully integrated with the system, software and applications environment (VAX/RMS, VAX CDD/Plus, VAX Rdb/VMS, ALL-IN-1, WPS-PLUS and other third party products). Genius considerably shortens the application development cycle. Building and implementing complex systems module by module, Genius enables the user to ”grow with the system”. Moreover, it's variety and flexibility of tools gives you the ability to tailor the solution to your needs faster, easier and more cost effectively. Genius provides: User friendly interface System environment transparent to the user PC flexibility on any terminal/workstation Cost effective application development Improved productivity Wide range of solutions Easy learning and implementation Why Genius? Middleware for the Manager User friendly applications - Your design team will appreciate its fluidity, and your users/customers will admire its elegance. Cost effectiveness - By cutting the workload, Genius has the highest cost/ performance ratio as compared to similar products in the market Tailored to your needs - Genius applications and solutions enable you to continue to manage your business your way, but more effectively. Increased efficiency - The automatic documentation generated by Genius elimininates one of the major problems in the systems development. Friendly Software for the Designer Language transparent - Genius enables experienced developers to easily build complex, sophisticated, user friendly solutions. The novice developer, on the other hand, can build an entire application without even knowing there is a language behind the scenes. Easy to learn - Genius provides fully documented on line directions and help files that lead the designer through each step of the development process. Easy to use - Genius middleware supports the development team with an easy to use tool and interface to VAX/VMS systems and applications. Genius creates RMS files that can be read by any program running under VMS. Genius applications can access and update any Rdb/VMS database. Highly functional - Built-in functions within Genius enable the developer to easily create sophisticated Data Entry and Query Screens with a functionality difficult to achieve with any other tool or language. Properly... Genius Human Resources System ] Powerful Application Environment | IC I | For the user, Genius provides: Employment] [Development] [Absence ] [Candidates | [ Tables H , ee | Gee SSS oe » An easy to learn human interface and flexible screen layout. ersonal Skills bsence Slots Jobs Gy Feral | penseontl|eeinen| liaase una] | svi » Top-down menus or random access method. job Ds Perfe c oy . . a al| (increas rested » Different types of windows: | — J = I : I — Form window - Traditional window composed of data fields esos elormien Quer eee — List window - List of records window — Text window - Unlimited free text lines — LOV window - List Of Values table for efficiency and accuracy — Help window - For online help. = "Query by Example” with sort keys and retrieval range flexibility On-line report or hardcopy of any query or report » Use of on-line report as data entry tool A "spreadsheet” for decision support. If Human Resources is Important - We Must Manage It A Storehouse of Applications Genius offers a wide range of applications covering a variety of market segments, types of organizations and organizational activities. All applications may be customized to meet the customer's business needs, providing immediate added value to managers and their subordinates. Project Management s Project Resource Management » Project Planning Tool (PERT/GANT) » Call handling and Problem Tracking System s Management Follow Up System Engineering and Manufacturing » Configuration Control = Bill of Material = Process Control = CD Archiver Management System Administration » Human Resources System » Purchasing and Accounts Payable System Stock Management and Inventory Control a an opcariptnSrven Tea ang ca Tee eronunOS | Purchasing Genius Attractively priced to provide you cost effective solutions, Genius is available in two purchasing options: = Generator license Yon Me K Oren Whee DOXCLMENTATION Aer J. Lipshier Prety 1 Dex 13 Veeerod Sued Noed To, cone Sayer SMA MO; To x ] Aexhenessf) : =» Runtime license es haaee poe eee | a Proeto weplemertaten dexumeensten | | fea preqaeed i} Consult with your Digital Sales Representative on which option is best to your Call Handling System needs. ‘The window that keeps your customer Company Profile satisfied... Established in 1978, Genius11 is a highly reputed Israeli Software house. Genius11’s professional staff provides a wide range of development and software support services in such areas as planning, design, development, customization, implementation and maintenance of your applications. Genius11 has wide customer base with installations throughout Israel and Europe. Genius11 customers include Digital Equipment Ltd. (European HQ, Israel Subsidiary and Jerusalem VLSI Center), Tadiran Communication Division, Israel Electric Company, Israel Defense Forces, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science, Ministry of Industry and Commerce and others. Genius Genius11 Systems Ltd. 28 Hida St., Bnei Brak 51371, Israel Telephone: 03-5795230, Fax: 03-5798715 VAX, VMS, RMS, CDD/Plus, Rdb/VMS, WPS-PLUS and ALL-IN-1 are trade-marks of Digital Equipment Corporation, USA. Genius is a product of Genius11 Systems, Israel. Genius11 Ltd. believes that the infomation in this publication is accurate as of its publication date; such information is subject to change without notice,