Comprehensive computerized management solutions for a rapidly-changing cable television industry

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The Challenge of Rapid Change WIZARD’S main features: MSO’s are facing a rapidly changing and highly competitive market at the same time that customer service and flexibility requirements are on the rise. It is becoming much harder to remain profitable while coping with these changes without an advanced information system. WIZARD employs Digital’s development environment and in depth knowledge of the cable television industry to meet this challenge. p> Customer Service - WIZARD starts with an easy to learn customer service and order entry core that provides all the tools a busy Customer Service Representative (CSR) needs. It includes all daily activity, allowing the CSR to view complete customer history, orders, service calls, complaints and accounts receivable ledger activity. The cable operator may keep as much or as little history as desired. Account Display Acct: 36105-7 Ty: REG St: AC i Bal: 19.00 URANIGS : 19.00 106 POLK ST i SAN FRANCISCO, CA 29666 CR1234 0.00 Fr: FO1 Sys: S01 Cyc: 1 Freq: 1 Oey Addr status: WIRED- 3 HOT 7 000) | Ph: 405-343-4364 erences Bus: 003 ADDITIONAL OUTSVC 1 04/23/91 Inst: 11/20/90 SIs: 082 Camp: CPN {9 apprTIONAL OUTSVC 1 11/20/90 001 BASIC SER VICE 1 11/20/90 ~Out 001 JE90001 999 002 SA40001 54321 003 JE90002 0 > Homes Passed - Is the database of addresses within the scope of management areas, franchises, and systems under the control of WIZARD. This information can cover addresses associated and not associated with customer accounts. b> Manager’s Monitor - With the push of a button the manager can review and analyze statistics on receivables, subscribers, penetration revenue per sub, installs, disconnects, and trouble calls. Comparisons are provided for the beginning of the week, month and year. p Accounts Receivable - The CSR may enter, print and post payments and adjustments plus handle payments processed through bank lockboxes. In addition, this function allows the manager a full range of financial reports. > Collections - WIZARD features a complete collections subsystem that assists you in controlling bad debt, thus improving your bottom line. It includes complete billing and delinquency information for the CSR. Collection management allows the cable operator to define notices, messages, late charges, soft disconnects, nonpay disconnect work orders, and transfers to collection agencies. » Billing and Statements - The operator can generate monthly charges and statements. No down time is required due to assessment of charges or month-end close! WIZARD is always up and running. It provides daily billing cycle at any desired frequency from monthly to annual. » Promotions - WIZARD gives the cable manager the flexibility of setting promotion periods and discount amounts. WIZARD also provides for easy display of promotional rates and information. It will automatically apply the appropriate promotional rate and duration to the account when a promotion is selected. Not only that, it automatically returns the customer to the standard rate when the promotional period is over. p Addressability - WIZARD allows the operator to automatically authorize customers to receive additional services with the push of a button. Using this function the customer is billed exactly for the services he ordered. p> Pay Per View - (PPV) - Using this function WIZARD will provide.a method for subscribers to purchase special events. Pay Per View is made possible through the use of addressable converters which allows special feature programs and movies to be sold to subscribers on a one-time,one-fee basis. p> Technical/Outages - WIZARD allows the operator to maintain and analyze outage information, maintain addressable control parameters and track plant maintenance. p> Inventory - Inventory problems are now a thing of the past! WIZARD easily shows what converters are on hand as well as all the converters assigned to a particular location. it allows for testing addressable converters in-house or in the field, and can print inventory reports on demand. p> Marketing and Sales - Combine your homes passed data with subscriber data for sophisticated reports. Create reports analyzing churn, subscriber life, campaigns, and promotions. The relational database allows for a totally open system that is incredibly easy to access and manipulate. Development Environment Corporate Profile WIZARD was developed with the most advanced tools which are state of the art in the computer industry: - RDB - Digital Relational Data Base Management System to insure data integrity and accessibility for all users. - CDD - Digital’s active Data Dictionary. The key to enterprise-wide information management. - VAXset - The Digital package of software development tools to improve development productivity and quality. Includes: LSE - Language Sensitive Editor, CMS - Code Management System, MMS - Module Management System, DTM - DEC Test Management and more. -RALLY - Digital’s powerful fourth generation development environment. - DECforms - First implementation of The BIZAR9 Services Information Ust = Script ANSI and ISO fects DOGO Str A Ty: BLO rt ya; i standard Form eT See me Interface —a_s| ‘Management to 2 | ta st et provide robust form development Seo] AOU MOViCS afte HORS [OR YOR VIEVINO PLLASEL) environment. Digital Equipment Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of networked computer systems and associated peripheral equipment. It is the leader in systems integration with its networks, communications, services, and software products. A Fortune 30 company, Digital employs over 121,000 people worldwide. WIZARD ‘is fully owned, marketed and serviced by Digital Equipment Corporation through its sales and technical service offices in more than 70 countries worldwide. Please contact your local Digital sales representative for more information. Digital believes the information in this publication is accurate as of its publication date; such information is subject to change without notice. Digital is not responsible for any inadvertent errors. The following are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corporation: DECforms, VAX/RALLY, VAX/Rdb, VAX/CDD, VAX/Dtm, VAX/Lse, VAX/ DEC/CMS, VAX/DEC/MMS. W91