Subscriber Management & Billing System

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Gunes Service Homes Passed Management Information Addressability” Pay Per View (PPV) Outages Inventory Tracking Dispatching Select Option —— WIZARD ‘ from Accounts Receivable Inventory Tracking ila tlall baa ae Manager's Monitor Billing and Statements Pay Per View Addressability Reporting Functions Codes and Parameters Outages Enter MAIL Exit from WIZARD Use artow keys and press SELECT for option Total business control through user friendly menus WIZARD CONJURES UP A NEW CABLE & SATELLITE TV INFOMANAGEMENT SYSTEM Wx do independent and multiple cable and satellite TV managers require to get a successful handle on their operations? Complete information plus savvy management techniques. Effectively combining these two components into one setup requires a heavy dose of wizardry. Enter — WIZARD — the complete cable and satellite TV INFOMANAGEMENT system. WIZARD — a comprehensive subscriber billing and management solution. WIZARD — the foundation for a total information system. WIZARD — a program allowing cable & satellite TV operators to meet future customer service goals. How: Only WIZARD provides an advanced, flexible, multi-functional billing & subscriber management system suitable for a variety of applications. WIZARD equips operators with an easy to learn customer-service/order-entry system encompassing all daily operations — from the initial order entry through management of service calls and work orders, to accounting procedures. Only WIZARD provides complete and total information. Developed around Digital's relational database, WIZARD provides operators with the right tools for developing marketing, sales and customer service strategies. Additionally, operators using WIZARD's reporting capabilities can review and analyze statistics as well as produce a variety of reports or labels. Only WIZARD protects your initial investment by providing system customization and growth for your expanding operation. To sum up. Only WIZARD provides cable and satellite TV operators with total INFOMANAGEMENT,. Services Information List - Script ‘WIZARD het MITES St AC TYREG Mr JOHN Q PUBLIC Fr O41 Sys 001 Cyo } Freq} Addr WIRED- 1 HOT a Ge, JES eT 5 (EEE ose aia) ADOADDLOUT 11.00 f FOO Wl MZ ON 09) AMCAMC N | Bas cor BAS. 2100 oo | BT | prouucr AMC AMERICAN MOVIE CH. | CSS) THE ONLY PAY SERVICE DEVOTED DIS | To THE GOLDEN YEARS OF HOLLYWOOD, EXP | OVER 60 TITLES EACH MONTH PCH) UNCUT UNEDITED. UNINTERRUPTED A cu | “= | HBO HBO 21.0 Pop-up windows provide vital information WIZARD Delinquency Information Acct 10084 TY REG S& AC Mr JOHN Q PUBLIC APT AS 100 S APAKTEMENT ST NE CONVILLE, CO 2687 Fr Gil Sy Gol Gye 1 Freq} Addr caus WIRED- 8 HOT Ph M5581) Bes NO$555-0630557. frst OS OLEH Sls MKG Camp 001 2300 | Equip. | Gillfee 1000 Pe wricor ior off, ts sez ~ 8 Dapbte @ Laxsine (01/92 NSF checks 2 Laps 020292 | Mndse (100 Frio psy O12 92 Lat 2 atho MJJASONDJFMA T Lote 40 days * Aer} Late (0 days: Lite #) days WIZARD helps increase revenue Managers Monitor 5/1092 1524 3% 091 MONTICELLO SYSTEM By F (FST) Week Beg Month Beg 396 222.310 620 191754 62.0 193.412 60 60 S90 Effectively man aging today’s business ne WIZARD’S WIZARDRY The genius of WIZARD is in its INFOMANAGEMENT features: MARKETING & SALES Provides for the collection, analysis and reporting of market related data, allowing for accurate and Productive target marketing and campaign analysis. PROMOTIONS Provides a window for promotional displays plus helps establish promotion periods and discounts. Database of addresses covering management areas, franchises and systems, HOMES PASSED CUSTOMER SERVICE Comprehensive Customer Service System providing all tools required by the CSR for his daily operations. OUTAGES Maintains and analyzes outage information WORK ORDER Provides for the maintenance of all types of work orders and service calls. INVENTORY TRACKING — Helps maintain and track inventory control for all equipment. ADDRESSABILITY Establishes automatic customer authorization for receiving additional services. PAY PER VIEW (PPV) Enables subscribers to purchase special events through ANI, ARU or IMPULSE. BILLING Maps out monthly charges and statements. COLLECTIONS Wide array of sophisticated tools for controlling bad debts. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE Charts payments and periodically generates financial reports. MANAGER'S MONITOR _ Helps review and analyze accumulated statistics on-line. IT PAYS TO INSTALL WIZARD IN YOUR CABLE & SATELLITE TV OPERATION Whizaro’s INFOMANAGEMENT system not only streamlines your operation but also ensures greater efficiency. Here’s how WIZARD pays off for you: TOTAL MANAGEMENT CONTROL WIZARD lets managers determine their own billing cycles, billing frequency and assessment dates. WIZARD also allows managers to initiate reports whenever they want, and in whatever format. Finally, WIZARD ensures complete data ownership. TAILOR-MADE FLEXIBILITY ae WIZARD's parameter driven environment allows users to tailor the system to their aie needs, This flexibility permits individually defined operational services and transactions. COMPLETELY COST EFFECTIVE ; : With WIZARD, productivity increases while monthly operating expenses are nm simultaneously reduced. Easy customer information tracking entails less manpo hours, less paperwork, and more efficient work order schedules. AIMED AT INCREASING REVENUES WIZARD provides for increased profitability by automatic penalty charges, increasing CSR’s sales, and exf such as Pay Per View capability. TARGETED TOWARDS SECURING HIGHER MARKET Ne ie sens Increased revenues ultimately rests with greater market jesteselnes Nec iates tenes operators with avenues for easy direct mailing, improved marketing ae business planning, increased calls per CSR and enhanced customer S SAFEGUARDS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION A satisfied customer is the best advertisement fi or any cable WIZARD supplies the tools for customer satisfaction by eae are met, acceded to quickly and according to a ime schedule < customer. securing tighter debt control, ensuring : yanding upon present services and satellite TV operation. . eing all customer neecs able to the DIGITAL THE COMPANY BEHIND WIZARD D igital Equipment Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of networked computer systems, software and services. The international leader for creating open, multivendor systems integration, Digital is the pacesetter for designing, developing and implementing 32 and 64-bit semiconductors and computer architecture. An international enterprise, Digital conducts over 50% of its business outside the United States. To date, 96 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Pacific Rim are using products which have been designed, developed and manufactured by Digital Resolute in providing all its customers with the highest quality customer service, Digital ensures that its customers make the right information available to the right people at the right time. In turn, all Digital serviced concerns have gained a reputation for greater efficiency and productivity. WIZARD is fully owned, marketed and serviced by Digital Equipment Corporation through the company’s international sales and service office network. For additional information on WIZARD, contact one of the numbers listed below, or your local Digital Sales Representative. DIGITAL CABLE MARKETING Digital Equipment Corporation Digital Drive P.O.B. 9501 Merrimack, New Hampshire 03054 Tel: (603) 884-4571 Fax: (603) 884-2607 WIZARD SALES & SUPPORT CENTER Digital Equipment Corporation 200 Fairforest Way Greenville, South Carolina 29607 Tel: (803) 675-7033 Fax: (803) 675-6099 Digital believes the information in this publication is accurate as of its publication date. All such information is subject to change without notice, Digital is not responsible for any inadvertent errors. Coryright © 1992 Digital Equipment Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 8/92 ISO