Infomanagement for the Cable & Satellite TV Indust

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digital) Infomanagement for the Cable & Satellite TV Industry > oe cable and satellite TV operation ts forever expanding. You must keep pace. You must act intelligently. To do so you need the right information. The right management tools. The right WIZARD to help you out. DECSYS PRESENTS: WIZARD INFOMANAGEMENT FOR THE CABLE & SATELLITE TV INDUSTRY “Wee cable and satellite TV operation is forever expanding. You must keep pace. You must act intelligently. To do so you need the right information. The right management tools. The right WIZARD to help you out. DECSYS PRESENTS: WIZARD INFOMANAGEMENT FOR THE CABLE & SATELLITE TV INDUSTRY Se cable and satellite TV operation is Jorever expanding. You must keep pace. You must act intelligently. To do so you need the right information. The right management tools. The right WIZARD to help you out. DECSYS PRESENTS: WIZARD INFOMANAGEMENT FOR THE CABLE & SATELLITE TV INDUSTRY eA an mtn = .t— it a i eel MOWsDON TT NEED A CRYSTAL BALL TO BOOK INGTO© THE FUTURE OF CABLE & SATELLITE TV Cable and satellite television has forever altered the face of the world's TV industry. Nonetheless, in a universe where technologies are always changing, where re-regulation is a constant possibility, and where increased competition is a genuine concern, it is time to face cable's future by taking stock of its requirements. DECsys has done just that. DECsys appreciates the various needs of the cable and satellite TV industry. Needs which include: Maintaining and improving overall revenue Increased customer satisfaction. Expanded penetration. Elevated revenue per subscriber. DECsys understands that the rapidly changing needs and goals of the cable and satellite TV industry require an information and management system which: simultaneously maintains a company's initial technological investment, while providing upgraded tools for greater flexibility and control of day-to-day operations. provides a sophisticated solution capable of meeting current demands while at the same time furnishes future growth opportunities. That's why DECsys believes... YOU NEED A WIZARD TO INVOKE GREATER EFFICIENCY After conducting a thorough analysis of the cable and satellite TV industry's needs, DECsys has conjured up WIZARD. A new, unique INFOMANAGEMENT system using up-to-date software tools and design methodologies. A comprehensive INFOMANAGEMENT system, WIZARD provides cable operators with the right information and management tools at the right time. WIZARD is the result of several years' research on the cable and satellite TV industry. A significant number of studies show cable and satellite TV operators are looking for an information system to provide them with: Flexibility Control Integration Connectivity Open Systems WIZARD has been developed with these needs in mind. The magic of WIZARD is that it can provide: Flexibility to cable operators who want their system to expand along with their expanding business. With WIZARD, new franchises and management areas are easily incorporated into the existing information system. As a parameter driven system, WIZARD provides the tools for customizing the various functions of each operation. Operators determine everything —- from service promotions, pricing and service packages, to rate increases, adjustment authorizations, credit, and much more. Control over all transactions. Performance is monitored by tracking new areas either separately or in conjunction with the present setup. Consequently, managers have the ability to expand their business as they see fit, and gain greater control over their operation. * Integration, Connectivity & Openness with other systems. As a DECsys software product, WIZARD benefits from Digital's position as the world's leader in systems integration and networked solutions. Together with Digital's architecture, WIZARD provides you with an open system that can interface and network to virtually any other computer system. Additionally, Digital's vast array of third party suppliers provides you with an unsurpassed variety of solution options for your business. It was certainly well worth the time to research and develop a system like WIZARD. Here's how WIZARD and its INFOMANAGEMENT program pays off for you. WIZARD Services Information List - Script Act MITES St AC Ty REG Mr JOHN Q PUTLIC Onder 410 CH OPEN | —-— my HASIC we Oo BAS aft] ADOADDLOUT 1) | yon on 2k ON AMC AMC 210) nit mo ml is WT | Predoet AMC AMERICAN MOVIE CIE CNN) be THE ONLY FAY SERVICE DEVOTED: By, | TO THE GOLDEN VEAKS OF HOLLYWOOD, Pop-up windows provide vital information THE WONDERS OF WIZARD It's Part Of The DIGITAL Difference Only a WIZARD can create INFOMANAGEMENT -- a sophisticated computerized solution for the cable and satellite TV industry that's easy to learn, understand, and use... and only WIZARD provides greater flexibility and control over information. WIZARD has been developed by utilizing Digital's most advanced software tools: RDB the robust relational data base to store the information CDD the central repository of data definitions APTuser generates reports on demand without any programming knowledge. CASE productivity tools ensure a clean, sophisticated software design development, and maintenance. It's Menu Driven A menu driven system, WIZARD has pop-up menus, sub-menus as well as on-line help and documentation. The menus, help screens and friendly interactive system, helps cable operators streamline their operations by: reducing the number of Customer Sales Representatives, decrease user training time and help eliminate time wasted waiting for instructions. In turn, overall productivity is significantly improved. Quick Access Certainly, all menus are not always needed. WIZARD provides a bypass for advanced users who want to move more quickly through the system. Privileges WIZARD provides security and privileges to control the correct access by different users. It Provides Comprehensive Information Extensive research has shown that cable and satellite TV operators and managers are not receiving the type or level of information required for making critical decisions. As a comprehensive INFOMANAGEMENT system, WIZARD answers this need. By providing a greater variety of standard management and analytical reports, operators benefit from critical up-to-date information, such as: ¢ Subscriber Analysis * Service Call and Work Order Analysis * Accounts Receivable Analysis * Trends Analysis ¢ Revenue Streams Analysis Its Flexibility Is Tailor-Made For You ENEDESO WIZARD recognizes that no two cable or satellite TV operations are alike. WIZARD's numerous functions are driven by codes and parameters, allowing cable operators to tailor many of the system's areas to suit their own needs. Consequently, cable operators have a firmer handle on their operations and no longer have to rely on billing vendors. It Provides The Tools To Increase Market Share & Penetration Rates ... and flexibility WIZARD enables cable and satellite TV operators to create marketing, sales and customer service strategies by extrapolating ideas from data contained in the system. WIZARD also provides operators with the mechanisms to maintain, analyze and report detailed, critical demographic information which can be used for: Penetration analysis Targeting specific customer types Offering specific services Tracking and analyzing the success of selected sales and promotional campaigns. 0) Delinquency Informatioa 5 10S APAKTEMENT ST NE CITYVILL, CO a7 5 MISSSS-OM MONET SOL Sls MKG Camp 001 5 " oil ws (eit ww. WIZARD helps increase revenue WORKING WITH WIZARD GIVES YOU A HANDLE ON YOUR ENTIRE OPERATION A Handle on Customer Service The first and most freqently used item on WIZARD's main menu, CUSTOMER SERVICES is used for: Providing customer and address information Processing different types of work orders Maintaining homes passed Managing dispatch Providing billing information Ordering and monitoring PPV events Access to different types of history information The average CSR only works with the CUSTOMER SERVICE module, using it for: Writing memos to a customer's account Requesting a customer adjustment Viewing previous statements Checking customer delinquency status Scheduling or rescheduling an order including exact appointment Reading scripts to help sell a particular service Managing VIP information Viewing Ledger history, Service Call history, Equipment history, Pay-Per-View order history By getting a handle on CUSTOMER SERVICE, authorized personnel can process, print, and close work order reports dealing with Productivity, Service Call, and Outage Analysis. Similarly, since managing work orders is a significant task related to CUSTOMER SERVICE, WIZARD emphasizes its importance by devoting a major section to it. With WIZARD, work orders are generated for all account changes and service calls, including: installation, disconnects, upgrades, downgrades, transfers, miscellaneous, service calls and equipment changes. By using Addressability and accessing the customer's set top, CSRs can create and close work orders immediately. This generates instantaneous updating, making the system accurate at all times. A Handle on Accounts Receivable Batch payment and adjustment processing is done within ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE. Batches can be entered, printed, edited, approved and posted from ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE. This can be accomplished either manually or automatically, by using back lockbox processing. Similarly, batch processing for refunds and write-offs are done in this module. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE reports available in this module include: Aging Analysis Accounts Receivable Transaction Summaries A/R Activity Report Monthly Revenue Bad Debt Recovery Deposits Audit Reports A Handle on Billing Streamlined efficiency also relies on proficient BILLING sequences. WIZARD is capable of handling up to 31 cycles for billing customers on different days of the month, while statements can be issued from monthly to annually. At management's discretion, WIZARD's BILLING function also handles end-of-month billing, closing the accounts and aging them for the duration of the accounting month. Statement processing allows several statements types, and different billing cycles to be processed and printed at the same time. In addition, inserts can be used. There is no downtime when customer charges are being processed, so that interactive users can access customer information simultaneously. WIZARD supports various payment methods, such as: cash, bank auto direct debit, credit cards, checks, and others. A Handle on Collections Getting a handle on COLLECTIONS requires a setup informing the system to run certain processes on specific days of the month. WIZARD does just that. Its COLLECTIONS function chronicles all transactions in each customer's accounting record, including delinquent account information. COLLECTIONS can also be used for charging late fees. As in billing, COLLECTIONS also closes and ages accounts to the end of the accounting month, according to management discretion. WIZARD Effectively managing today’s business A Handle on Management Control Continual on-line information is the best tool for total MANAGEMENT CONTROL. With WIZARD, management reports are displayed on the screen, and periodically updated throughout the day as the system runs. Managers can view the number of subscribers and homes passed, outstanding work orders, completed work orders, and accounts receivable. Complementing this handle on MANAGEMENT CONTROL is the manager's ability to view current penetration rates by franchise and system, as well as the ongoing revenue per subscriber. A Handle on Marketing & Sales In order to get a handle on MARKETING & SALES activities, cable and satellite TV operations require the tools for creating reports, labels and cards. With WIZARD, users can create a report printout of practically any data regarding the record of actual subscribers, homes passed, old subscribers, and address selections. By using specific customer or address information, reports can be generated for select groups of customers and/or potential subscribers. In addition to such user-created reports, WIZARD generates standard reports which include: Campaign Analysis Retention Reporting Subscriber Life Service & Rates Analysis Premium Services Reports Sales Productivity Reports By using WIZARD's sales tool, sales representatives are able to analyze their territories, and obtain lists, labels, or cards of potential customers. A Handle on Reporting Capabilities REPORTING CAPABILITIES requires a certain amount of flexibility. With WIZARD you are able to: Export data to other systems over the network Utilize report writers Integrate WIZARD data into other systems WIZARD allows data to be integrated with numerous applications, such as: graphics, word processing, and spreadsheet applications. A Handle on Addressability Getting a handle on the Addressability interface or multiple addressable interfaces is yet another important WIZARD function. WIZARD provides the tools for authorizing transactions and refreshes set tops and addressable taps. All Pay-Per-View event transactions pass through this function, enabling viewers to see the event on their TV. ANS) A Handle on Interfaces to Other Systems WIZARD employs a Digital software product used for communications protocol in order to give cable and satellite TV operators a handle on other systems. WIZARD contains interface monitors for interfacing with: Addressable set tops Automatic Response Unit (ARU) PPV Impulse Ordering Automatic Numbering Identifier (AND Bank Lockboxes Automatic Payment Processing Electronic Funds Processing (EFT) General Ledger Engineering Homes Passed System & Geographic Information Systems (GIS) A Handle on Inventory Total INVENTORY control requires a system keeping you updated on all the equipment used in your cable and satellite TV operation. WIZARD's INVENTORY function not only keeps track of set tops, but also other types of equipment. WIZARD's INVENTORY function records all location changes made when equipment is moved from the warehouse to the technician or installer, and finally to the customer. Equipment locations are defined in the system's codes and parameters, allowing users to pinpoint it and move it to its proper location. This function is used only by employees responsible for moving set tops and other types of equipment. ——— Of significant importance to cable and satellite TV operators is the ability to trace the history of each set top. Through WIZARD it is possible to chronicle a set top's purchase date, its number of repairs, customers who have used it, and its present location. WIZARD also keeps track of unrecovered set tops and prints reports indicating set tops locations. A Handle on Pay Per View (PPV) and Video on Demand (VOD) With addressable Set Tops part-and-parcel of your cable TV operation, Pay Per View (PPV) and Video on Demand (VOD) have become an important service option. WIZARD provides your operation with the support functions for keeping track of, and managing this service. With WIZARD you can define and schedule events, plus keep track of: PPV and VOD events and rates Purchases associated with one or more outlets Profiles of PPV and VOD Subscribers PPV and VOD orders, credits and cancellations Different ordering methods are supported: Impulse Pay-Per-View (Store and Forward) Audio Response Unit (ARU) Automatic Number Identifier (AND Customer Service Representative (CSR) A Handle on Homes Passed An up-to-date HOMES PASSED database is essential for any efficiently run cable and satellite TV operation. These WIZARD features give you a handle on your HOMES PASSED database: Vid TARO Creation and Maintenance of individual addresses Mass Additions of Addresses Mass Changes of Addresses Homes Passed Reports Maintain MDU (Multiple Dweling Units) and Mass Generation of units With WIZARD, address information extends beyond the usual name, street, city, state and zip code. It includes codes referring to each address’ technical and management information -- such as drop and wiring status, number of outlets, sales route and dispatch area. Ud St Saar fe = A Handle on Dispatching/scheduling A competently operated DISPATCHING & SCHEDULING department signals subscribers that their cable and satellite TV operation is keeping on top of all activities. WIZARD's INFOMANAGEMENT system provides dispatchers with that necessary handle needed for daily workflow. A variety of dispatching boards and screens are at the dispatcher's disposal, providing information on the progress and completion of work orders and service calls. In addition, the dispatcher can either report, change, close or void an order, refresh a set top, establish service routes, plus view and make equipment assignments Proper scheduling entails assigning the appropriate technician for each job and determining a date and time mutually convenient to both the company and subscriber. WIZARD's WIZARDRY WIZARD's wizardry lies in the numerous INFOMANAGEMENT advantages it has over ordinary subscriber management systems. Observe the WIZARD difference: The Wizardry of Increased Revenue Streams Increased cable and satellite TV revenue can be collected from a variety of sources, such as: SOUND MARKETING STRATEGIES In order to succeed, all cable and satellite TV operations must rely on a solid marketing strategy. The basis for sound sales lies first and foremost with accurate demographic information. Once those details are in hand, savvy strategies can be developed -- targeting the entire market and/or pockets of families inclined to have specific viewing habits. WIZARD provides you with the tools for focusing in on the demographic make-up of your constituency, thereby easing the way for you to produce direct mailers targeted at specific households. In addition, a convenient list of target subscribers can be printed for a telemarketing campaign. This added feature helps you increase your operation's revenue by increasing the number of subscribers paying for premium services. What about monitoring individual services rendered? Here too, WIZARD is a big help. With its daily collected data, WIZARD informs you which are the more popular subscriber services, which are less so, and which are being often switched. In short, with WIZARD you get a total demographic picture. Its subscriber data base provides a detailed profile of each individual customer, including: e Home Address e Neighborhood Demographics e Viewing Preferences e Present Services e Number of Service Calls Made 13 14 PAYING ATTENTION TO SUBSCRIBER NEEDS Management can quickly solve subscriber problems and address common subscriber issues with WIZARD's memo system. Memorandums on all subscribers can be categorized and periodically printed, thereby allowing fora speedy resolution of all possible problems. For their part, subscribers feel fairly treated and develop a loyalty to their cable and satellite TV company. As satisfied customers they are open to new ideas. Consequently, cable and satellite TV operators can easily include these customers in target market campaigns aimed at increasing the number of specific services and Pay-Per-View events ordered. READILY AVAILABLE INFORMATION Accurate and up-to-date information at fingertip availability during telephone ordering paves the way for streamlined efficiency. Combine WIZARD with the telephone and you have the perfect combination for an effective sales tool. A CSR can quickly and efficiently enter any order over the telephone, change items in inventory, schedule orders with installers, give reviews of current movies airing, and focus on customer's special interests. On the flip side, viewers can call in, inquire about specific promotions and packages, as well as receive instant gratification by having the CSR promptly record an order. STREAMLINED EFFICIENCY WIZARD helps streamline your operation in many ways, paving the way for additional increased revenue. With less problems to deal with, less manpower is required in customer service. Additionally, a CSR working with effective customer service tools is able to increase the number of customers s/he deals with per hour. INCREASED OPERATIONAL REVENUES Naturally, escalated productivity on the part of a CSR plus expanded customer satisfaction helps augment earnings. Marketing campaigns clearly presented on the screen provide CSRs with greater awareness, making it easier to sell more services and packages while reducing the number of missed sales. Of course, Pay-Per-View event ordering capability and Addressability links for any type of set top both increase the number of overall customers per service. VS While these are obvious ways of boosting earnings, very often revenues can be simply increased by staying on top of bad debt collections. To do so, WIZARD provides the following tools: Late Charges Nonpay Letters Nonpay Orders Bad Debt Letters Collection Lists Overdue payments can be assessed and an additional charge can be made according to the extent of time delinquency. Charges can be a set amount for everyone or a percentage of each unpaid balance. If customers do pay, but late, they can also be liable to a late charge, providing yet another additional avenue for increased revenue. WS The Wizardry of Increased Effectiveness With greater marketing effectiveness already established, WIZARD helps you magically master these other avenues of efficiency: ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT procedures become more productive. With accurate franchise fee and vendor payment reporting, WIZARD helps produce the exact reports necessary for completing proper forms and information documentation required by vendor and government agencies. LESS PAPER SHUFFLING occurs because all your systems are automated on WIZARD. With WIZARD you benefit from the following features: Memos for all CSR, Accounting, Technical and Management Personnel. Easy-to-use Sales Scripts for Services & Promotions. On-line Help Providing Instant Answers to Questions on How to Use the System. TIME SAVERS are built into WIZARD. The memo feature is a perfect example, for it eliminates the need of hard copy memos to be physically transferred from a CSR to a supervisor or accounting clerk. WIZARD's relational database is another time saver as it allows for instant information retrieval and is capable of issuing specific topic reports based on data included in different functions. The Wizardry of Cost Reduction Using WIZARD reduces costs. Here are some examples: Cycle Billing balances monthly work loads,there by requiring less staff during peak periods. Work Orders scheduled according to specific time periods save daily manpower and equipment expenditures, as orders are routed to the same neighborhoods during the same time periods. Travel time for installers and technicians is reduced. Truck wear and tear decreases, and appointments scheduled according to customer's requested time period eliminates most "not home" calls. The Wizardry of Customer Satisfaction Providing customers with the pleasure of knowing their cable and satellite TV company cares about them and their time constraints, is one of the best public relations tools. This is just one example of how WIZARD helps ensure customer satisfaction. An effortless way of accessing all customer information, WIZARD provides these additional benefits to all CSRs: A CSR can answer customer requests immediately by looking up subscriber files and entering orders, service calls or memos on each customer's record. e A CSR receives instant recall of a customer's work order, service call, service, and address history. e A CSR can display actual billing statements sent to customers so that s/he can answer and understand any billing questions called in by subscribers. Statements can be reprinted if a customer asks for an additional copy. ¢ A CSR can request an account adjustment while looking up a customer's account. This timesaver provides instant satisfaction to the customer. e A CSR can schedule a service call at a day and exact time convenient to the customer . In short, WIZARD helps a CSR meet the changing needs of customers by answering requests,providing clear and accurate billing, easily offering more services, storing all records and immediately closing addressable orders. WZ e Wizardry of Higher Market Penetration WIZARD provides CSRs with important tools to help increase market penetration: e An improved computer system provides more time for calls. e A script format displaying current marketing information ensures sales consistency and ease of sale completion. ¢ The ability to print labels for addresses or customer groups helps facilitate direct mail campaigns. On-screen display of statistics provides management with quick access to information for market analysis. 18 VS eee The Wizardry of Digital Equipment Corporation's Platform There's a lot of wizardry in WIZARD. Aside from its unique features, one of its most appealing points is its direct connection to Digital. By using a Digital Equipment Corporation platform you benefit from the following advantages: Complete, reliable service is one of Digital's primary corporate goals. With Digital's international network of offices, no other computer vendor matches the range and depth of services which Digital offers. Digital computers offer cable operators versatility with unparalleled integration and networking with all other computer systems. Only Digital has the capacity to link industry-standard personal computers, advanced workstations, departmental systems, ALPHA, VAX clusters, and IBM mainframes in a single, seamless network. Digital computers are easily upgradable and give operators the flexibility to grow with a dynamic, changing industry while keeping costs to a minimum. Digital and DECsys are committed to the cable industry by developing products that take the operator well into the future. With Digital, cable and satellite TV operators have access to the latest technology in terms of software and software development tools. In addition, they have the ability to add other sophisticated software products to the system when needed. Digital ensures office uniformity because of standardization and consistency in the use of the system. This particularly applies to the use of the keyboard, commands and training. Once you add up all these advantages plus WIZARD's unique INFOMANAGEMENT features, you will find an unrivaled solution to your particular operation's problems. You'll agree that DECsys's WIZARD provides you with all the INFOMANAGEMENT tools for a successful today and tomorrow. Z@)